There is no food. I am suffering. They only give us a little bit of sorghum. How can I be happy?  I think a lot about my country. I don’t think I’m sick, but I think a lot about what happened. The sadness has entered into my heart.

Sometimes, I go to look for wood. But if I see anyone on the way, I go back to the camp. They yell at me, “Leave the wood.” There’s only me on my ration card, so I don’t get enough wood.

I live here with my husband and grandchildren and daughter-in-law, the wife of my son who was killed.

There is no food. The NGOs are giving us things, but not enough food.

If there’s peace and security in Darfur, I will go back. But not now – it’s still not safe. I’m not free now.

Tell people about how much we suffered in Darfur when we were attacked. They took our property, killed many people, and took our land.

Sometimes in the night, I think about what happened and start to cry.